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    seorang laki-laki pengangguran berumur 27 tahun bernama Kaizaki Arata yang selalu gagal dalam setiap wawancara pekerjaan, berkesempatan untuk hidup kembali dengan penampilan 17 tahun, apa yang terjadi?

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    Yukihira Souma, seorang chef muda yang bermimpi Suatu hari bisa mengalahkan Ayahnya, saat dia masuk ke Sekolah memasak disanalah tempat berperang yang sebenarnya [SHOKUGEKI]

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    Demi Menyelamatkan desanya yang dilanda kelaparan, tatsumi pergi ke Kota, namun yang dia temukan adalah Neraka yang penuh dengan kebejatan dan Keserakahan..

#1 Cheat Code : Stardew Valley

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September 25, 2017
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Chapter 36 delivers the paper
Chapter 37 versatile road senses
Was Chapter 38 vindicated?
Did Chapter 39 loss of chasty?
Chapter 40 20 duties
Chapter 41 came the matter
Chapter 42! Your profit reaches!
Chapter 43! Your Hushubao!
Chapter 44 jade hare on the moon snowy mountain
Chapter 45 jade hare on the moon holds the surface
Chapter 46 sexually harassed Lei Feng
Chapter 47 is one initially kisses
Chapter 48 ten senior colonel grass
Chapter 49 must have the overlord meal
Chapter 50 has the enemy to offer money
Chapter 51 best director
These matters of Chapter 52 about having a child
Is Chapter 53 deputy director very great?
Chapter 54 who said that Lao Niu does eat the tender grass?
Chapter 55 sexually harasses with instead sexually harasses
Chapter 56 has a drink is not an expert!
Chapter 57 do you want to nurse?
Does Chapter 58 initially kiss?
Chapter 59 Souque must learn from Edison Chen
A Chapter 60 unrestrained gambling
Did Chapter 61 seek the wealth to seek the color?
Chapter 62 eats person demons Liu Feihong
Chapter 63 is really the organized crime
Chapter 64 am I the skirt silk?
Fragrant kiss that a Chapter 65 apple initiates
The Chapter 66 life first kiss
Chapter 67 confidential photo
Chapter 68 one day boyfriend
Chapter 69 belt good bra?
Chapter 70 across my hand of your clothes
Chapter 71 seeking desire
Chapter 72 early was seen through!
Chapter 73 called Su Ke the elder brother quickly!
Chapter 74 buys the book together!
Chief Wu who Chapter 75 walks in
Chapter 76 ruffian hero
Chapter 77 woman does not get drunk, the man does not have the opportunity
The character and style of Chapter 78 that palm
Chapter 79 was kissed
Chapter 80 must undermine a wall with the hoe
Chapter 81 devil trains
Chapter 82 Wei Lan has the trouble
Chapter 83 can look for me
Chapter 84 watches others' fervor performance
Does Chapter 85 monkey steal the peach?
A Chapter 86 false alarm
Chapter 87 hits must run
Chapter 88 "Taoism 12 Jin"
Chapter 89 past events find it unbearable to recall
Chapter 90 acts according to circumstances to hug into the bosom
Chapter 91 tent puts up
Did Chapter 92 think me?
Chapter 93 wants his leg!
Chapter 94 I do not want the dual flight!
Chapter 95 public vehicle lovelace
Chapter 96 indecent old man
The Chapter 97 first duty is defeated
Chapter 98 meets the demonstration of authority
Chapter 99 shocking three-pointer
Chapter 100 love rival meets particularly is jealous
Chapter 101 has gone bad, must lose!
Chapter 102 counter-attack starts
Chapter 103 gives you a big cap
Chapter 104 won simply
Chapter 105 improves the scenery
Chapter 106 good wallet
Chapter 107 female big three hold the gold brick
Chapter 108 brocade Chinese zither time passage
Chapter 109 saves Hong Chen!!
Chapter 110 asks the way
Chapter 111 Long elder brother hello!
Chapter 112 this is a misunderstanding
Chapter 113 escapes the defeat
Chapter 114 person of exceptional bravery hero
The top carriage announcement and expense recharge the explanation:
Chapter 115 reinforcement five proudly
Chapter 116 comes was just good
Chapter 117 are more than human?
Chapter 118 event subsides
Chapter 119 I am a good person
Chapter 120 this is a misunderstanding
Chapter 121 physiological needs
Chapter 122 I may escape really
Chapter 123 helping other is the joyful foundation
Chapter 124 falls into enemy hands up and down
Chapter 125 is high! Really is high!
Chapter 126 reentry brocade Chinese zither youth
Did Chapter 127 hug you?
Chapter 128 young animal came
Chapter 129 his heart difficult Ann
Chapter 130 sells into servitude also you
Chapter 131 four character true words
Chapter 132 garden full of the beauty of spring cannot bar up
Is Chapter 133 this is radiating?
Chapter 134 Lang Minglai
Chapter 135 hugs me!
Chapter 136 big pleasant surprise
Chapter 137 had my child
Chapter 138 nitpicks
Chapter 139 big taunt technique
Chapter 140 artificial respiration
Chapter 141 runs away in a panic
Chapter 142 sister and brother love
The Chapter 143 not suitable storm can only take by strategy
Chapter 144 holds the troublemaker
Chapter 145 speed and fervor
Chapter 146 policewoman Yang Peier
Chapter 147 officer is invited
Chapter 148 I must sleep with you
Chapter 149 bakes the trouble that eats
Chapter 150 minute of minute of solution fights
Chapter 151 opens the fat person
Chapter 152 beautiful woman enters the bosom
Chapter 153 big group quarrel
Chapter 154 Souque was ganged up to surround and beaten up
The Chapter 155 three ships arrived in full
Chapter 156 flying smoke must act crazy
Chapter 157 fragrant that person closes down business
Chapter 158 good method of goading somebody into action
Chapter 159 starts the seeking desire
Chapter 160 diary
Chapter 161 wants to indicate
Chapter 162 jumps from an upper story
Chapter 163 looks quickly! Has the flying saucer!
Chapter 164 bled
Chapter 165 diary storage fee
Chapter 166 4 million
Chapter 167 white fox velodrome
Chapter 168 GTR showdown R8
Chapter 169 wins R8
Chapter 170 Li Linglong trouble
Chapter 171 Du Wan telephone
Chapter 172 draws the recruit to see the parents-in-law
Chapter 173 another child!
Chapter 174 this son-in-law is not simple
Chapter 175 little brother zhan appearing foot
Chapter 176 swimming pool spring scenery
Does Chapter 177 trace again?
Chapter 178 Yuan fragrance came!
A Chapter 179 kiss gently
Chapter 180 goes to bed VS to go upstairs
Chapter 181 4 million succeed in obtaining with ease
Chapter 182 unexpected disaster
Chapter 183 killed people
Chapter 184 damage control
Chapter 185 gold likely jewelry
Chapter 186 cannot move, takes by force!
Chapter 187 cannot move, I am police!
A Chapter 188 gunshot
Chapter 189 big terror
Chapter 190 comes, does not want to be take pity on I!
Chapter 191 seeing somebody off fragrant kiss lips and teeth keep fragrance
Chapter 192 Wang Xiaogang fantasy
Chapter 193 did not call already, amazed the world with a single brilliant feat
Chapter 194 overwhelming has the healthy tendency
Under Chapter 195 serious illness potent drug
Chapter 196 wants you!
Chapter 197 heart and lungs resuscitation
198 chapters walk in
Chapter 199 school doctor not in
Chapter 200 small devil and young lovelace
Chapter 201 was grasped present
A Chapter 202 sudden kiss
Chapter 203 regards the little brother to use
Chapter 204 every skyscraper starts with its foundation
In Chapter 205 treasure pavilion treasure are many
Chapter 206 they always bully me
Chapter 207 blowing up for rain
Chapter 208 Zhengtai fosters the plan
Chapter 209 Hong Chen loss of chastied
Chapter 210 everybody comes the wet body together
Chapter 211 does not have the clothes to be very awkward
Chapter 212 this duty is a little abnormal!
Chapter 213 must have the spirit of never saying die!
Chapter 214 clay falls into the pants crotch
Chapter 215 selects an emergency girlfriend
Which Chapter 216 did you say attractively my?
Chapter 217 must pay attention to the security measure
Chapter 218 made the person non-solution duty
Chapter 219 system middle stage
The Chapter 220 lascivious plum is lascivious
Chapter 221 hits shooking of airplane
Chapter 222 major cases special circumstances
Workshop that Chapter 223 abandons
Chapter 224 goes down to the tiger's den
Threat of Chapter 225 death
Chapter 226 this world changes quickly
Chapter 227 can walk sideways
Chapter 228 hugs to go to bed Liu Feihong
Chapter 229 discourteous do not regard
Chapter 230 bows the head in greeting
Chapter 231 sudden superior
Chapter 232 100 labors
Chapter 233 said that begins to begin
Chapter 234 has hit slightly came to be old
Chapter 235 puts down the butcher knife
The Chapter 236 fierce master came!
Chapter 237 breaks a leg
Chapter 238 machine cat is mouth-watering
Chapter 239 that yo
September 12, 2017
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Juli 05, 2017
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